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Located near the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains—roughly halfway between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier International Park—Butte-Silver Bow offers breathtaking beauty and rich recreational opportunities. As Sunset Magazine says: “You haven’t seen the real Montana until you’ve been to Butte. The Old West-meets-urban vibe makes it one of the most authentic and interesting stops on your … trip”.

Historically Butte has been known as The Richest Hill on Earth due to the vast wealth of valuable ores lying beneath the surface. It began as a collection of small mining claims, becoming a large and booming mining center during the 1900s. While the business community is proud of Butte’s heritage, there is reason to focus on what Butte is today—a city in transition to a more diversified economy, including energy research, education, medicine, transportation, tourism and environmental technology.

For all the right reasons, Butte remains the Richest Hill on Earth—it is rich in history, arts, culture, opportunity and people in the midst of one of the most beautiful areas of Southwest Montana. Rimmed by the peaks of mountain ranges, Butte-Silver Bow provides nearby access to blue ribbon trout fishing, world-class golf courses, hiking, hunting, skiing, soaking (in commercial hot springs), snowmobiling, and many other outdoor recreational opportunities.

For young people looking to get a strong start in life, Montana is ranked as fourth in the nation according to MoneyRates.com.  The ranking is based on nine different criteria including both economic and lifestyle factors.

And, Butte-Silver Bow has the most affordable housing in the state, according to a 2012 study done by the Montana Association of Realtors. The Butte-Silver Bow housing market did not participate in the U.S. housing bubble and is not dealing with many of the negative issues that have caused instability in other markets.

With a great quality of life, affordable housing, good schools and an excellent place for kids, people want to live, work and raise families in Butte-Silver Bow. As the locals say, “the only thing better than visiting Southwest Montana, is living here”.


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