Transportation, warehousing and distribution services are readily available within the Montana Connections Business Development Park through the Port of Montana. Both the Union Pacific and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroads serve the Port allowing for easy distribution both east-west and north-south. They specialize in handling a variety of rail equipment such as boxcars, bulkhead flats, flatcars, open gondola, covered gondola, center beam, container, hopper car, center drops, reefer, and tank cars. The Port of Montana offers warehouse and storage services, certified scales, distribution services, railcar and truck transload services, inventory management and control, and much more. Key market destinations in North America are only a day away by truck or rail and the entire world is accessible through truck and rail delivery to international ports and via cutting-edge technology.

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Nov 2012 Area Spotlight

"Montana: A Surplus of Riches"

From huge energy reserves to a record state balance, Montana lures companies with an aggressive recruitment pitch and a frequent-flyer recruiter.

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